Our story was inspired by the silver screen, a movie about a chef and his life-changing decision to quit his job and take a chance on his food truck dream!

We still remember how excited we were after we saw this film, imagining of our own family food truck, collecting ideas and recipes from all over the world!

A dream realized for us it would seem – and so ‘The Sausage Guru’s’ was born!

Inspired by our Hungarian background and our passion for food, we’re ready to take you on a culinary journey, which surpasses hundreds of years, and millions of handed down recipes!

You see, sausages are a beloved staple worldwide, with every country boasting it’s own style. And here at the Sausage Guru’s we want you to experience the very best, without the expense of a world-wide plane ticket!

From Spicy to Sweet, Cumberland to Frankfurter, we’ve got all your favourite covered!

Choice of your sausage topped with chili con queso, crushed corn tortilla and jalapeños

featured events

You can find us on markets, fairs and festivals around London. Don't worry, we'll keep you updated with dates and details, so keep an eye on our social media pages for updates on where you can catch the Sausage Guru next!

OUR Favourite hot dogs


On a bed of dried onions a choice of your sausage topped with Monterey Jack cheese and hearty onion gravy

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Spicy pork sausage with zesty sauerkraut, crunchy pretzels and horseradish mustard